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Pearls & Pianos
Pearls are amazing natural phenomena that start with just a simple grain of sand. Layer upon layer, surely but slowly mother of pearl creates a unique gem in order to counter act the initial irritation. Now I guess what I’m trying to say here is, that it’s all about layers. And Jewellery Designer Yana Nesper is much like an exquisite pearl herself in every sense of the word. 
Every time I meet with Yana I discover a new and intriguing layer of her personality. At first I was struck by her natural grace and elegance. More importantly Yana also possesses an inner beauty too that gives her a glow all of her own, just like a fascinating pearl. Another layer I uncovered over time is her musical prowess – Yana is a very talented professional pianist, greatly admired by my daughter who is a budding piano player herself and regularly asks to see Yana’s instagram account for inspiration. 
After noticing that Yana is someone special I decided I wanted to share her story with you. So here we go – let me tell you a little bit about her and a few questions I recently asked her. 
Yana was raised in Ukraine, and benefited from a very disciplined yet loving and affectionate upbringing. Made to practice piano for hour upon hour each day, sometimes reluctantly! However, it has on reflection, been the cause of her special musical talent of which she is now most grateful for. 
Yana met her husband Frank Nesper in Ukraine during one of his trips, and love subsequently brought her to Germany. Frank is a pearl expert and importer who runs the family company Heinz Nesper, who are responsible for sourcing some of the best pearls in the world. Whilst Yana raised her two sons she also supported her husband for many years before also finding a way to realise her own dreams and become a designer. 
How did you picture your future-self when you where a little girl? And have all the ambitions you dreamt come true? 
„If you had asked me in my early childhood I would have gone for three wishes: to drive a red sports car (Yana says whilst laughing), publish my own fashion magazine and finally to own a puppy. Most of these ambitions have actually materialised in one way or another. I now have my own dog and I regularly get to work closely with the press. However I’m not a very good driver! So I drive a family car that spends most of it’s time in the repair shop instead!”
I have to ask, but how does a pearl expert propose? Not with a diamond ring, surely?
“Frank secured the most romantic piece for our engagement. Every pearl in the world includes an imperfection, and my husband found one in the shape of a heart to propose with.”
How does playing piano and pearls go together?
“Both are considered classics, and yet both can be reworked into composing and designing new modern pieces. There is always something innovative you can do with both to keep them up to date and relevant. I also find great inspiration for my designs whilst playing the piano.”
What kind of woman would wear your designs?
“Our creations are for modern fashion forward women who have a love of beautiful high quality pearls.” 
Every piece is adorned with a signature blue sapphire as a trademark of the house of Yana Nesper, why is this? 
“I chose the blue sapphire as it is a beautiful calming and soothing color. It’s a chic staple that can be styled with anything, including being dressed down with denims.” 

Long story short: Yana’s final and most important layer is her grounded and grateful nature. She is a successful woman but hasn’t allowed this to change her. She has a genuine smile for everyone she meets, and this is her most precious and valuable characteristic that gives her the lustre and glow similar to that of one of her own stunning creations.

 Photo Credit: Bastian Ramoser

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