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Time for Transitioning

My top list of British favourites includes Afternoon Tea, Terry’s Chocolate Orange and that unmistakeable English humour – I’m not so much into Shepard’s Pie though! And of course there is always the timeless topper that is as British as the Queen herself: the Trench Coat.

But why is it considered such a classic and a vital part of every girl’s closet? Well, there’s a myriad of reasons, but I guess the most important one is the fact that there are countless ways to style it. Whether thrown over a simple denim combo or an elegant ensemble, it always looks smart and at the same time it’s super functional too –  even when the weather tends to be British. Speaking of which, the most popular trench is handcrafted to perfection in the UK. But who am I telling, you all surely know that the classic topper with checkered lining is Burberry’s signature style…even my daughter knows, and she’s only 7 years old, already eyeing my coat and asking me if she can have it one day. And the chances that she will rock it in future are high, because a classic Burberry Trench Coat never goes out of fashion and is almost undestructable.

So what makes a Trench Coat a Trench Coat, you may ask? Well I’m not going to sit here and lecture you, because quite frankly I had to google it myself. But the main features of a trench as stated online are the military epaulettes, the 10 double-breasted buttons and the gun-flap on the shoulder. But thankfully the gun flap, which originally served to protect the fabric from wearing when firing a shotgun is no longer needed, however it still comes in handy when carrying our shoulder bags.

Of course, like any self-respecting Fashion-girl I own more than one Trench Coat, and it too transitions me from season to season. Lately I discovered another perfectly crafted style by The MAC and suprise surprise, it hails from the UK – where it always seems to rain cats and dogs… gosh I sound so British today! Oh and by the way, with the code SHORTS10 you can get a 10% discount when ordering your MAC Coat online:

Here are just three takes on my Trench Coat styles: from a French Girl Look, to Streetstyling Elegance and Simple Chic:



French Girl Look

Oversize Trench Coat by Burberry, here or budget style here or here

Striped Top by Seafarer Jeans here . Also love this striped sweater

Bell Bottoms with fish print by Seafarer Jeans cropped version here

Shoulder Bag by Chloé (Elle Bag), similar here




Streetstyling Elegance

Oversize Trench Coat by Burberry, here or budget style here or here

Jeans by H&M, similar here

Bow-Tie Top by Chicwish available here

Slingbacks by Chanel

Sicily Bag by Dolce & Gabbana here



Simple Chic

Trench Coat by The MAC here (get 10% off using code SHORTS10 at checkout)

Sweater by Falconeri

Black Pants available here or similar here

Shoes „So Kate“ by Christian Louboutin here

Shoulder Bag by YSL available here


More fabulous Trench Coats

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