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Hygge with Högl
To travel is to live, as put in a nutshell by Hans Christian Anderson. And he’s absolutely right! Ever since I was a little girl I longed to travel, to have new adventures, and explore new places. One of my favourite parts perks of being an influencer is that when the hard work pays off, a wonderful, yet wanderlust door is often opened. A whole new world full of extraordinary places, ready to satisfy my curiosity lays ahead! 

A perfect example of this was when I recently received an invitation from Högl Shoes to dive into the world of Hygge. Without hesitation I immediately RSVP’d saying yes! Because I can always rely on Högl to bring us like minded fashionistas to exceptional places. This time they took us to the gorgeous Nordic location of Norderney where we stayed in the Island’s loveliest Hotel Insel-Loft.  Now, you’re probably wondering what an earth Hygge is? Well, it’s the art of coziness, contentment and wellness. And what better place to experience such a mood than in Norderney! 

Now this particular Island had been on my bucket list for quite some time, and although it’s right here in my country of Germany, I never got round to visiting.

So naturally, excitement was high, and upon arrival I was reunited with the wonderful girls from Högl. A loyal and loving team who have become like family. So Iike any girl would do, we immediately began picking out our favourite shoes from Högl’s newest collection. Chatting, trying on, and sharing styling tips lead me to pick a couple of comfy, yet stylish boots. Perfect for the Norderney climate! However, my inner fashionista, as passionate as ever, also picked out a pair of suede red high heels, perfect for chic dinners, but not so much the dunes. 

One of the things I was most looking forward to whilst in Norderney was the opportunity to help my followers and readers experience the Island too, without compromising on my bread and butter street styling. My photographer Dirk Spath helped achieve this, capturing the beautiful light and the stunning scenery to the fullest!  

1. The Dunes

My first port of call, if you’ll excuse the maritime pun, was the dunes! A wonderful place to explore, surrounded by the North Sea. The roughness of the sea, and the crisp fresh air were a great place for reflection. Oh, and why am I wearing leo booties in the dunes? Well, because why not! And these boots, with their pointed shape, help slimline the feet, whilst adding a cool element with the black belt and studs. Helping to turn the dunes into a catwalk!

2. The Beach

Next up was the beach! Where I learned of Norderney’s surprising weather conditions. Sun, rain and storms can all happen within the hour and change at a moment’s notice! It’s therefore important a girl layers here, ready for any eventuality! So I opted for a pair of biker boots, teamed up with a cosy and stylish outfit. A trenchcoat or a down-jacket is an absolute must here! Adaptability is key! It was here, amongst the weather and the mighty ocean that one felt closest to nature. We play such a small part in such a big world, and the sandy walks here were an eyeopening experience. But now,, most importantly – back to those beautiful boots! These biker babies are quilted and will look equally as fab back home in the City too! Where no doubt they’ll keep me just as warm and dry as they did in Norderney! 

3. The Hospitality

Now, I’d always heard rumours that Northerner’s were a reserved folk, but that’s simply not true! The warm and welcoming people were a highlight of the trip! Stunning scenery met with genuine hospitality made for a wonderful experience. But my most favourite friend of all was darling Caruso, the cutest canine I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! 

So thank you Högl and the tourist board of “Norderney – meine Insel”, Jannis, Sarah and of course Caruso! I’m already thinking of taking my kids back there, which for me, speaks way more than any words could on how magical the experience was! But of course, only in the right shoes!


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