“This isn’t just a skirt, it’s a work of art”, that was my first thought when I unpacked this fantastic masterpiece by Marina Hoermanseder. It’s one of those creations that makes a Fashion girl’s heart beat a little bit faster – so innovative, daring and definitely unique. I guess it’s that contrast between the fierce leather straps, the ultra-feminine silhouette and the choice of pretty pastels and nudes that makes this fashion piece stand out. Now let’s talk about wearability …well, let’s put it this way: you’ll neither be able to run or have the flexibility to tie your shoes, but be warned, you’ll look absolutely smashing once you slip into this skirt that hugs your figure in all the right places. Okay okay, the slipping in part may not exactly be applicable, because in this case it takes two to get dressed. And that’s actually an extra bonus this strap-skirt comes with: believe it or not, my husband had to put on my shoes and we were cracking up. Why you may ask? Because we noticed that the situation was quiet romantic just like the happy ending scene in Cinderella. Who would have thought that a daring leather skirt that admittedly has some bondage’esque vibes about it, can provide moments of romantic bliss and happy laughter.

Long story short: Sometimes we need to leave our comfort-zone to be able to view Fashion from new angles and enjoy the creativity of talents who make beautiful things just like Marina Hoermanseder does.

In case you’re obsessed by this skirt as much as I am you will find the direct link to her online store here. In the shopping gallery below I tracked down other marvelous designs by Marina.

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