To Treasure Forever

“Pearls are like classical music – they never go out of style.” (oh, don’t mind me, I’m just trying to make up a new quote here). But seriously, aren’t pearls just the most magical and perfect gem!? So smooth and harmonious in shape. Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of precious stones, and I cannot resist the fiery sparkle they so easily spread. So if diamonds are a girl’s best friend then I’d have to say that pearls are her noble soulmate.

Pearls have the power to instantly upgrade any outfit with their characteristic glow that can only be found within their subtle lustre. If you invest in premium quality then their timeless beauty will take you a long way. As Jackie O., one of the most elegant women in history once stated: “Pearls are always appropriate“ and quite frankly I couldn’t agree more. 

My first pearls were a wedding gift from a precious friend of mine – two single beads that had yet to be crafted into a jewellery piece. They still haven’t because I’ve been waiting for the right moment for my lovely pearls to be incorporated into something truly meaningful. Now that I am a mother of two I can totally imagine my pair of pearlfection gems symbolising what’s most precious to me: my adorable kids. And yes, of course I’ll show you the end result!


Lately my passion for pearls was re-aroused by  Yana Nesper’s exquisite collection – her work is a tribute to genuine pearls and her designs perfectly combine classic elegance with a fashionable flair. If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that my long chain earrings with south sea cultured pearls have been on repeat, because it’s hard not to choose Yana’s exquisitely designed sparklers to highlight all my outfits. They always look fabulous, especially when put in contrast to casual items such as sporty hoodies, even logo T-shirts and sneaks. 

I let myself be inspired by the charms of these precious gems and put together 3 different pearl-fect looks…But I’m sure there will be more in future!



Pearls ‘n Petals

All Pearl Jewellery Pieces by Yana Nesper

 Earstuds here

Necklace available here

Wrap-me bracelet here

X-Ring here

Silk Shirt with Floral Print by Isabelle Kohlhaas

High-waisted Mom-Jeans here

Pink Pump by Céline, similar here

Gucci Marmont bag avaibale here




Pearls ‘n Blues

All Pearl Jewellery Pieces by Yana Nesper

 Earstuds here

Y- Akoya Necklace available here

X-Ring here

Sweater with Kimono Sleeves by Sportmax, similar here

Black Skinny Jeans here




Pearls ‘n All Black

All Pearl Jewellery Pieces by Yana Nesper

Tahiti Pearl Earring here

Wrap-Me Ring here

Faux-Leather Pants and Mesh Bodysuit by Asilio The Label

Shoes by Zara



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