Over-The-Knee Boots


The Thigh is the Limit

Over-the-Knee Boots are no longer just a trend, they’ve become a Winter wardrobe staple and are perfect for both day and night. However, OTK-Boots can be somehow intimidating as they are super sexy per se. Styling them can, but doesn’t have to be a tough balancing act between delightful and “Dominatrix“ though. I personally prefer to play down the bold boots by covering up either my neckline (e.g. with a Turtleneck, Hoodie, Chunky Knits) or my legs with a lower hemline –  because just a little flash of skin can be so much more sensuous and chic.

If you don’t own an OTK-Boot yet I’d definitely recommend to buy a classic, black suede version with a block heel first. That’s what I did and I love the fact that they not only add a WOW-Factor to any outfit but also have a leg-slimming and -lengthening effect. 

Lately I discovered (and couldn’t resist buying, of course) a fancier pair in a beautiful beige shade with fabulous strap details – they look marvelous when toned down with oversized casual pieces…and they were such a bargain, too! 

So, here are my favorite Over-The-Knee-Boot Looks – from Casual, Chic to slightly Fancy:

Casual Look 

Over The Knee Boots by ASOS

Camel Wrap Coat by Falconeri, similar here and budget style here and here

Light grey Sweaterdress by ASOS

Bag by Gucci Bag by Gucci available here



Chic Look 

Aviator Jacket by Zara, similar here

Cream Rollerneck available here

Brooch by Chanel

Over The Knee Boots by Hallhuber, similar here or here

Bag by YSL available here


Fancy Look 

Black Leather Jacket by Zara, similar here

Velvet Shorts and Bow-Tie Top by Hallhuber, similar shorts here and similar top here

Bag by YSL available here

Over The Knee Boots by Hallhuber, similar here or here


 More fabulous Over-The-Knee Boots



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