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Let’s Dress for Success!
As much as we hate to admit it, most of our wardrobe is dedicated to workwear and alas so is our time that we spend there, having to dress appropriately for the office.
I used to be an office girl myself. Straight after university I started a fabulous new job at a publishing house specializing in women’s magazines. The Fashion and Beauty industry were a major focus of the company’s business concept, so I knew I’d be expected to show a little effort with what I rocked for my work attire.
One day we all received a memo from the Head of HR saying that the employees shouldn’t be wearing flip-flops during office hours. The staff felt rather offended (mainly the ones who had been wearing them, lol!!). But that new house rule triggered a big debate about personal freedom in the work-place. Although I didn’t always agree with HR’s standards, in the shoe-case I totally did. Lovely for leisure time and the beach but for business meetings, I’d definitely have voted no for that one too. We started calling it “The Thong-Gate Affair” and my colleagues and I would laugh hilariously when the “ineffable” flip-flops suddenly appeared in the editorial part of the magazines that we worked for.
But isn’t it interesting that it was mainly the shoe that was made a fuss about and not the clothes? Proving just how significant our choice of shoe is when we dress for success.
Anyway, I believe it’s the whole package that can make us look powerfully professional from head to (shoe-)toe.

When styling my business looks I usually use the following guideline:

1. Do I feel good in my work-attire?

Just like I do with my normal outfits I prefer light and comfy materials such as cashmere or silk, and the same goes with my business attire too. There’s nothing more disturbing than scratchy fabrics or a painful shoe whilst you’re having to convincingly give a presentation in a business meeting.

2. What message do I spread with this outfit?

Even in business meetings I love to look and feel feminine. But that does not include showing a lot of bare skin – because that is totally not office appropriate. But I believe there is nothing wrong with living out your femininity at work too. With my styles, I want to express who I am, and I am a modern feminist. So, I prefer to stay true to myself and celebrate womanhood at work too. I love to enhance my silhouette, e.g. with high-waisted chic pants and comfortable heels.

3. What’s on my work agenda?

Depending on what’s on my schedule for that day I tend to tailor my outfit to who I’m going to be meeting with. If it’s a client from the Fashion or Beauty industry I might dare to go a little bolder with colours and prints – within reason though. For the most part, I try to keep my business attire elegant whilst demonstrating a little effort. Being well-dressed always shows respect to my clients and hopefully is appreciated too.

Office Outfits Högl
Office Outfits Högl

A suit is always a good idea for the office. And a grey one needn’t look dull. On the contrary, it’s such a wonderfully calm colour that signifies integrity and can be oh so easily styled with a variety of different colors. To avoid looking like a plain Jane I added some beautiful blues into the mix. The simple sweater and the slinky sky-blue coat contribute to the feel-good factor.

Office Outfits Högl

Are metallics appropriate for the office? I’d absolutely say yes, as long as they come in the shape of an elegant shoe such as this fabulous V-Neck Pump by Högl. The silver colour might seem a little too fancy for the office at first sight, but since it’s from the same color family as my grey attire it simply becomes an elegant extension, whilst making a fashion-forward statement.

Office Outfits Högl

Making Metallics work for work! We all know how tired and heavy our feet can get when we sit at our desk, typing and doing phone calls all day long! So, it’s all the better if we have a fabulous pair of buttery soft shoes that’ll take us from desk to dinner in a grand style. I’m giving my office look a fashion upgrade with the “Cinema” Pump by Högl here.

Office Outfits Högl
Office Outfits Högl

When I’m running from one appointment to the next I always make sure I wear clothes that give me room to move in and shoes that are just heeled enough to elevate my look but not too high to dash around in. This Högl pump measures 75mm – sounds high, but doesn’t feel like it at all.

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Look 1

Metallic V-Neck Pump by Högl available here
Blue Round Neck Sweater here
Grey Checkered Blazer here or here
Grey Belted Peg Trousers here
Blue Wool Coat here or similar here

Office Outfits Högl
Office Outfits Högl

Girl-Boss Outfit: a pretty bow-tie blouse paired with high-waisted cropped pants – a chic and super feminine outfit for work…now if I had a cat on my lap too I would make a great female version of Dr. Evil …lol! To complete the look I opted for a pair of elegant black pumps with a beautiful wrap-decolletage by Högl.

Office Outfits Högl
Office Outfits Högl

Never underestimate the power of red! For the business meeting a full red combo might be over the top but incorporating one piece at a time should be absolutely fine – and a red caban is a darling little piece to have in general.

Office Outfits Högl

Sleek, chic and super sensuous – I love how the “Metropolitan” pump by Högl shapes a slender foot and gives my chic work look a sleek and sensual twist. The comfortable block heel is definitely a praiseworthy bonus too!

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Look 2

Black Pump by Högl available here
Simple White Blouse here or bow-tie blouse here
Red Caban Jacket available here
Black Pants here


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