Marcia Vidal

Marcia Vidal - A Gem making Jewelry

Isn’t it just wonderful when you discover fabulous jewelry that adorns your individual style perfectly? Absolutely yes! But it’s even better when your new glam find was made with passion by a person you admire.

In my case it’s a pair of covetable punk sunshine hoops – delicate yet so fierce. The woman behind: Marcia Vidal, born and bred in London, and the sweetest jewelry designer you can imagine. I had the privilege to connect with Marcia on Instagram and the pleasure to get to know her a little better via email. Turns out she’s not only a designer of gorgeous jewelry, but also a gem herself. Witty, smart and amiable. A well-traveled, talented girl with a heart of gold. What makes her jewelry even more beautiful is the fact that 10% of all sales go to the charity CalAid, a grassroots charity that has been one of the main ones providing much needed aid throughout the refugee crisis (

Impressed by her 100% handmade art and sparkling personality I asked her a few questions to find out more about this wonderful girl:

How come you are making jewelry?
My love of silversmithing was born traveling through India in 2007 in a magical little town called Pushkar, I stumbled upon a local jeweller teaching silversmithing to tourists and decided to have a go at making a ring. I ended up staying for months (….) and fell in love with the technique and the town. Back in London, I invested in all the tools I needed and honed my skills in the corner of my room.

How would you describe your style?
My style is bold and symbolic. I am inspired visually by architecture and tribal jewelry, designed to represent the esoteric in the modern metropolis. A grounded kind of spirituality with elegant attitude.

What kind of woman do you have in mind creating your jewelry?
I make jewelry to empower women to embrace their divine feminine. The kind of women I have in mind when creating my pieces? It’s more a state of mind than a type: self-aware with one foot in the material world and one foot in the spiritual world. I want the women who wear my jewelry to feel empowered in their beauty.

If you wish to be enchanted by Marcia’s one of a kind pieces, scroll through the gallery or head to her website/online shop to see her complete selection:

Photo of “marcia working” by Peach & Jo Photography