Moda Tutkusu

A Delightful Duo

Aysegul and Yasemin, meaning “Rose“ and “Jasmin“ wear their names well. Because both are blooming beautiful, but if you think that they are just pretty to look at than their booming success will prove that there is more to these two than their adorable appearance. 

The style icons are located in Istanbul where they regularly stir up the international influencer scene as well as the Fashion industry. They run Turkey’s most followed style blog, reaching an impressive 550k followers with their Instagram account alone @modatutkusu. Prestigious brands such as Tiffany & Co, BCBG and no less than Karl Lagerfeld himself rank amongst their collaboration partners to name just a few. Additionally Yasemin and Aysegül have established their own Fashion Label MyBestFriends – a well-curated collection of timeless yet on-trend designs that sell out as fast as hot cakes… and the best is yet to come: they’re going global!

So there’s no doubt, these talented girls rock the business in superb style, but that’s still not everything: on top they both have yet another full time job, if not the toughest job of all: Motherhood! I had the pleasure to interview this delightful duo in order to give us an insight into their eventful lives as bloggers, entrepreneurs and mothers:

How did the two of you meet?

We met at the design school, we’re friends for almost 10 years now. 

What came first – blogging or establishing your own Fashion brand?

YASEMIN: The blog came first. Actually, I’ve established the blog Moda Tutkusu (Passion for Fashion). It was mostly visual at the beginning. Aysegul, on the other hand, was great at writing, and I offered her to join me on the blog. She accepted and we began to work together.

AYSEGUL: We were publishing our school projects to which was paid particular attention. There were even people who wanted to buy our designs. Afterwards, we attended the local designer festival ‘Bebek Senligi’ where our designs aroused a great deal of interest, and with the courage of the amazing feedback we decided to establish ‘mybestfriends’ in 2011.

Where do you find your inspiration for your designs?

Street styles are a great inspiration source for us. But we can also get inspired by a certain fabric that we touched, or a charming woman that we saw, or a song that’s been playing, and all the feelings that those would bring.

What type of woman do you have in mind when you design your collection?

Ultimately simple but confident, strong and masculine women.

What’s your latest runway inspiration?

VETEMENTS was so inspiring. The collection is so powerful and daring, also so agressive. We found it very impressive.

Which Fashion item are you craving for at the moment?

Oversize cotton shirts.

Do you have a certain strategy or rules when you put together your street-style looks?

We can’t say that we have a certain strategy or rules, we usually follow our daily mood in the mornings 

You are business women, designers, bloggers and moms – How do you manage to stay organized?

There are always ups and downs, but we try to be organized. Plus, when you love your job, you don’t easily get frustrated by the obstacles that you may encounter.

What do you do to find relaxation and recharge your „batteries”?

We love to dance! But when it comes to recharge our batteries traveling is irreplaceable for us, and of course shopping!


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