Remember Those Stunning Suede Boots?



Before I start talking about the endless merits of classic suede boots, an essential that every girl needs in her shoe closet fyi, I’d like to tell you a fun short story – a sweet memory that I once shared with my older sister:

I was in Kindergarten and my then 12-year old sister used to pick me up on her way home from school. One day she came to collect me wearing a pair of high-heeled boots. People were staring at us shaking their heads in disbelief. Although I was only 5 years old at the time I was slightly embarrassed about the whole thing. But my sister on the other hand did not succumb to such emotions. She strutted with her head held high and was uber proud of her fab new find. “Why on earth are you wearing Lady’s shoes?”, I asked her. “Oh, I just found them in the bulk trash…aren’t they gorgeous! “You did what?”. I was shocked but at the same time I admired her for her confidence. And I must admit those shoes were one amazing pair of boots in a lovely shade of caramel. As expected my Mom freaked out when we arrived home and the heels landed straight in the bin. 

My sister and I still crack up when reminiscing: “Remember those stunning suede boots?” ”Haha, of course, I do! Gosh, they’d still be so stylish, wouldn’t they? If only they had been new!”

It seems that this season is a lucky one for me. As shoe-fate was working in my favor, I just so happened to find a superb pair of NEW Caramel-colored boots by Högl that perfectly resemble the ones from my childhood memories.

Now what do these boots have that others don’t, you may ask!

Well first of all, their shape is timelessly elegant but not too prissy and ladylike. The butter-soft suede leather adds a luxurious feel. Those boots are perfect for Fall but with the right outfit can be pulled off any season. For a cute casual style go for a jeans-mini and a simple T-shirt. In case it’s getting chilly throw over a scarf or an oversized cardigan. Paired with pretty flowy dresses they’ll spread those chic Bohemian vibes. And do I need to mention that the caramel tone is just exquisite? It’s universally flattering and meshes with nearly any other color. Another big bonus is the mid-heel – high enough to lengthen the leg but still so comfortable that I can strut confidently whilst wearing them. 

Long Story Short: These classic suede Högl-boots are an absolute must-have. They are low maintenance pieces with a grand style statement and always act as the perfect finishing touch. I’ll definitely be investing in a pair for my sister too! Hopefully, now that she’s 45, my Mum will finally let her wear them.


 Suede Boots by Högl coming available at


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