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Now, it’s no secret that I’m not exactly a flat shoe fan. And I have very little experience when it comes to the horizontal heel, tending to almost always favour 6 inches of height or more.

But I’m often a victim of that strange fashion phenomenon, you know the one, when you see a particular item on someone else, and instantly fall in love. Yet the moment you try that specific piece, be it clothing or an accessory out for yourself, you take a step back, look in the mirror, and end up thinking “Meh. So not me”. Well, this scenario is a common occurrence for me in the flat shoe stakes. It’s not that I hold a grudge against them, it’s more so that it seems they hold a grudge against me!

Just the other week whilst out for lunch with my dear friend Leah, I noticed she was wearing a pair of furry Gucci Princetown loafers. Teamed up with a turtle neck, cropped denims and her hair in a bun. I admired how she still looked cool and sophisticated without the need for a stiletto. In an instant of complementing her, she kicked them off and said “try them on Füsun, you’ll look fab!”, but the moment my feet hit that famous fur lining we both just burst out laughing! I looked like a hobbit! We made a pact to never mention it again and I drove home thinking that I’ll only ever wear a flat providing it’s still flattering.

As we all know, heels have far more cons than flats, but us fashionistas don’t always do the healthiest thing do we! Flats are comfortable, can be worn all day and have a wonderful way of dressing down outfits. So whilst heels elongate the leg, and give a feminine posture – it’s about time I probably added a pair of trusty flats to my collection.

So I did what any girl in need of solving a fashion faux-pas would do, and turned to Google. Where I found an article that stated French girls have a formula for dealing with flats, if you show your legs – rock a flat, if it’s a midi or a maxi then don a heel. I decided to put this to the test, but first I needed to find that all important perfect flat!

So first things first, no classic ballerinas, the round cap instantly makes my foot look short, and gives me no height. And well, as we’ve also already learnt no furry loafers. I looked through my wardrobe and realized that even my sneakers are flatforms with a heel.

Just as I was falling deeper and deeper into my flat shoe conundrum, like magic one of my favourite shoe manufacturers, HÖGL’s new look book for their 2018 Autumn Winter collection arrived on my digital door step. Of course I almost immediately started flirting with all the fabulous HÖGL high heels. But then I gave myself a little pep talk, and turned to the flats. One pair in particular caught my eye, there was something different about them. The d’Orsay cut shows a little more skin and therefore lengthens the leg optically. Furthermore they come with a boyish charm that would complement my feminine looks with a cool edge. But most importantly the pointed toe makes sure that my foot looks slender.

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Black Ballerinas available here

So I took the plunge and placed an order at HÖGL. And the moment they landed on my door mat, I decided to test the previously mentioned French formula! Firstly I teamed them up with a long pair of tailored joggster and a kimono to add some Boho-vibe. For the second look I styled them with a denim skirt.

The results you may ask? Well, long story short, I can’t agree with the formula. It’s not about leg length, or whether you go midi or maxi, it’s actually all about the shoe itself! You see, the right flat will always flatter you, you just have to be prepared to search for the perfect one! Mine from HÖGL are such a versatile pair, they easily matched all the outfits I put them with, although I did personally prefer the kimono look most.

So does this all mean I’m a convert and will only be donning flats from now on? Of course not! But I’m glad to finally have a pair in my collection I can regularly turn to! And more importantly I finally solved the riddle, it’s not all about height, it’s actually all about the style!

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Look 1

Black Ballerinas by HÖGL available here
Floral Maxi Kimono  here
Black Joggsters similar here
Black Cropped Top similar here

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Black Ballerinas by HÖGL available here
Logo T-Shirt here
Classic Black Blazer here
Paperbag Denim Skirt here

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