Color Me!

Color Me!

My Review for COSMOLPOLITAN Magazine
Cosmpolitan Magazine recently asked me to write a review for a feature about Beauty gadgets, and in particular an automatic foundation applicator. Now I usually don’t use gadgets to apply my make-up, but this one just sounded far too tempting not to try! And here is the translated (and more detailed) article of what was published in Cosmpolitan’s March Issue 2017:

Flawless in a flash? Oh yes, please! I wear make-up almost every day and if a gadget promises to make me look prettier in a snap, I’m in!

cosmopolitanWhat it claims: Color Me’s ‘Automatic Foundation Applicator’ uses sonic pulse technology to mimic the tapping technique of the professionals and delivers flawless 8-hour coverage that’s superior to what you can achieve with your fingers or a brush.
Sounds fantastic, though to be honest I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, but hey, why not give it a chance, it’s definitely worth a try!

How it works: First I apply my liquid foundation on the exchangeable sponge that is attached to the device – it holds nicely in my hand and turns on the sonic motion at the click of a button. I start at the cheek and work my way around my whole face. The sponge glides easily and it feels like a mild massage.

What it achieves: Color Me actually works like a charm performing make-up magic – my complexion seems more harmonious and the coverage is beyond perfect – even my pigmentation marks that bother me so much are almost invisible. The result is so much more superior and lasts a lot longer than foundation applied with fingers.
So the good news is that the gadget keeps its promises. The bad news? There is none!  

In the gallery below I also added my favorite products for a great, non-cakey coverage!

Color Me! Foundation Applicator is available here


  • Füsun says:

    Thanks so much Smartie babe! At first I thought it’s pricey but the result is great and since I’m using it regularly it has totally paid off. Bussi :-*

  • Füsun says:

    Thank you Nadine! This applicator definitely works better than sponges. Just apply a liquid foundation – the coverage is so good that you won’t need extra concealer. I don’t use powder as it always makes my makeup look cake after a while. I have olive skin with dark pigmentation around eyes and forehead so not flawless at all, but I’m happy that this gadget makes things easier. Net-a-porter ships worldwide btw. Have fun coloring yourself flawless, darling!

  • martina says:

    sounds great and it seems not to pricey to not try it.. your skin looks amazing!!!

  • ms.academic says:

    Thank you for the review sweetheart. I’ll try to find this cute applicator; otherwise, I’ll order it from Europe. I don’t usually use gadgets either; I simply use the commercial sponge. I also thank you for sharing the products you are using st the moment. I’m a brunette and it’s not easy to find the perfect foundation. I usually get help at sephora but I can’t say I’m fully satisfied with the foundation I got. Do you usually use powder after you apply foundation? Your tan looks perfect in the pics.

  • Füsun says:

    Hi Adrianna, thank you sweetie! It’s a great tool for girls who aim for perfect coverage. I use it almost every day!

  • MimaMochi says:

    Wow, your skin looks stunning! Sounds like an interesting product to try 🙂

    Adrianna xx

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