A Fun and Fashionable Feast of Love

My Lands' End Christmas Styles

Christmas is just around the corner, and slowly but surely we are beginning to feel that pleasant anticipation for the festivities about to unfold. The Holiday season never fails to warm our hearts and puts us into that oh so important magical mood. The streets are lit up with bright lights, Christmas songs resonate, and the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies is heavy in the air. These merry days are a feast for all our senses. And you know which one of mine gets triggered the most? My sense of style! 

I get so excited about all the opportunities the holiday season has in store. From elegant dinner parties, to traditional family gatherings and cozy boxing days spent at home with the little ones. It’s time to celebrate, and have a fun and fashionable feast of love! But wait, as much as my inner fashionista falls for all things sparkly I am still a rational kind of style searcher. I prefer to choose timeless quality items that will last me longer than just New Year’s Eve. Because fashion-wise nothing is sadder than glittering gear that gets worn just once and ends up gathering dust somewhere in the back of the closet. But what’s a fashionista to do when she has so many parties and dinners to attend? Fear not, Lands’ End has plenty of wonderful classics that can be dressed up or down with ease. Now let me officially ring in the festive season with my favourite Lands’ End looks!

Glamourous Sophistication

What is more elegant than a shift dress? Well, I’d say a shift dress that fits like a glove and makes you feel oh so Audrey Hepburn. An icon who perfectly proved that the classic LBD makes a beautiful calm canvas ripe for fabulous adornment. With Christmas looming we finally have a valid reason to outshine the stars! So why not rummage through your jewellery box, dig out some precious rocks and glam up your shift dress with pearls, crystals or those treasured family heirlooms that have been waiting for a chance to perform. I chose this beautiful two-toned shift dress because it’s just so versatile: glammed up it’s perfect for festive dinner parties, but with my hounds tooth print coat it can be styled into suitable work attire in no time. Just make sure that you leave your Tiara and all the bling bling at home. That billion-dollar-look might lead your colleagues to ask for a pay rise!


Colorblock Shift Dress by Lands’ End here

Black Lace-up Pump by Gianvito Rossi here

Pearl Necklaces by Yana Nesper 

Tiara by Swarovski  

Location: Käfers Munich


Traditionally Festive

For family gatherings during Christmas I prefer a more traditional but never the less equally as fabulous look. Velvet is a great fabric to look and feel festive in. I simply love the luscious and luxurious touch of it! My choice is this classic A-line dress by Lands’ End. The stretchy velvet is so pleasant to wear whilst the flowy skirt playfully swirls around my legs. To highlight this look I added my Swarovski jewellery that resembles shining stars. Since I have more than one family gathering on my list this year I also picked out a fantastic jersey pleat front dress in a solemnly shade of red. I am absolutely delighted by its fit, shaping a flawless and feminine silhouette. The front pleats create a flattering and forgiving effect over the tummy. Of course that’ll give me a great excuse to have more than just one dessert! Even when the Holiday season is over, both the velvet and the pleated dress will take me from desk to dinner in style.


 Look 1

Red Jersey Pleat Front Dress by Lands’ End here

Black Pump by Gianvito Rossi here

Necklace & Bracelet by Michael Kors 

Look 2

Black Velvet Dress by Lands’ End here

Black Lace-up Pump by Gianvito Rossi here

Necklace & Bracelet by Swarovski  


Casual ‘n Cosy Christmas

The best part of Christmas is the moments when I can finally spend quality time with my husband and our kids. On Boxing Day we have our own family tradition that we celebrate every year. Our house is turned into a “Cosy Island”, that’s what my kids like to call it when I pile all the blankets and cushions on our living-room floor next to the Christmas tree. Finally, it’s time for long cuddles, hot cocoa and cookies whilst watching our favourite classic movies. Such bliss! Those magical moments become even more enjoyable when wearing sumptuously soft lounge knits. Lands’ End’s latest collection takes leisure wear to the next level. The hoodie and pull-ons I’m wearing here are so fluffy that I switch into relaxation mode as soon as I put them on. Just perfect for curling up on our “Cosy little Island”. And when it’s time to leave my comfort zone again I can simply take that soft heavenly feeling with me wherever I go. All I need to do is throw on a pair of sneakers and rock the look super casually. Or, in case I’m in the mood to channel my inner diva a quick change into high heels will immediately elevate this stylish combo …and off I strut spreading those all important Hollywood vibes with a hint of festive cheer! 


Soft Fleece Sweater Hoodie by Lands’ End here

Luxe Fleece Joggers by Lands’ End here

Suede Moccasin Slippers by Lands’ End here





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