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How to Spread that French Girl Vibe

“Un, deux, trois et voila!” I wonder if that’s what French girls say in the morning when they stand in front of their closets and manage to achieve that oh so perfect Parisian look day after day. Is their ability to master the art of being so effortlessly chic something that just runs throughout their dressing DNA? I’ve always admired the French for their talent of looking so fashionable yet never overdone. So what I really want to know is, if they are blessed by birth or is it just an art form that anyone can learn? 

Well, I’m not so sure about all that. However, a while back I had the pleasure of meeting one of France’s greatest style icons: Inès de La Fressange. When she enters the room she turned heads, and for all the right reasons. So, I used the opportunity to study her vibe closely, discovering her unique je ne sais quoi. Remarkably no piece that she was wearing could be deemed flashy. Instead she adopts a timeless and simple style with a little prep. Her quirky accessories such as a romantic pin or fingerless gloves create an unexpected element. But what I observed the most, was that it’s not just what Inès wore that made an impact, it’s how she carried herself: natural self-confidence paired with timeless style. That must be it!

Inés took me on a shopping tour to show me how French girls do it. I was just about to pick an embroidered statement jacket when Inés smiled sweetly and kindly advised me to pick a more timeless piece. “You can always add fun accessories to make it more French!”. Ever since then I’ve always applied her advice when searching Parisian chic looks. I also followed her tips and tricks when choosing two new outfits from online store 1.2.3 Paris that I discovered lately. It was super easy to select items and throw together various effortless looks! You might want to see for yourself in their  current lookbook. Some pieces are truly timeless with fabulous added extras to create understated yet unexpected outfits. And I have more good news for you: if you purchase two items on 1.2.3. Paris the third one is absolutely free! Just use the code XMAS2017 at checkout (valid until until December 13th).

So when I made my selection on 1.2.3. Paris the first item that caught my attention was a pair of black trousers. They include everything Inés taught me. They’re a classic wide-leg style that suit all occasions, yet they come with braces. That crucial little something extra when trying to look ultimately Parisian chic. So, I decided to style the trousers in two different ways:


Parisian Prep

First up – Parisian Prep. I added a pastel pink sweater with a white collar sewn in that provides a preppy touch. The knit is so soft it will make you want to hug yourself.  I topped the outfit with a classic cream wool coat for warmth and to light up those grey Winter days.  


Shop the Look

Black Trousers with Braces by 1.2.3 Paris here

Pastel Pink Sweater with White Collar by 1.2.3 Paris here

Cream Wool Coat by 1.2.3 Paris here

Hat by Fabienne Chapot here

Pink Metallic Bag by Florian UK here 


French Chic

 Next I went for feminine chic, making the trousers more suitable for office wear. I teamed them up with a kitten print shirt. A none-exaggerated print, which was crying out for another French favourite – print mixing! The checkered coat I selected is from the same colour family and adds a fun factor that I hope Inés would approve of too!


Shop the Look

Black Trousers with Braces by 1.2.3 Paris here

Checkered Coat by 1.2.3 Paris here

Cat Print Shirt 1.2.3. Paris here 

Red Shoulder bag by Fendi here

Black Boots by Zara here


1.2.3 Paris clothes make me feel neither over or under dressed. And I am impressed by the comfortable nature and quality of their designs, helping me to modify my own dressing DNA abilities.

So, long story short, fashion is a fabulous and fun tool if you want to play different roles and feel the part, be it a French girl or just a girl boss. Fashion when done right allows you to slip into these roles, but the best way to imitate that French savoir faire is to be at peace with yourself. And then whatever you wear will simply always look great! 






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