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Marcia Vidal

Isn’t it just wonderful when you discover fabulous jewelry that adorns your individual style perfectly? Absolutely yes! But it’s even better when your new glam find was made with passion by a person you admire. In my case it’s a…

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Off-Shoulder Obsession

Last year “off-shoulder” celebrated a big comeback. Making a little detour via fashion week events and festivals it finally found its way to our hearts and closets. Off-the-shoulder-mania had gone viral. I was lovestruck when I spotted a white blouse by Tibi,…

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The Leather Jacket

Fashion is a world of cornucopia when it comes to new trends. Every season is filled with an abundance of so called “must have pieces that every girl should get“. Sometimes that overdose of advice can drive us either into…

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layering necklaces

Dainty Jewelry

No matter how perfectly styled our ootd is, it’s just not complete if it hasn’t been amped up with a little sparkle. You agree? I’m sure you do! I personally love all kinds of jewelry – from super glam to…

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